Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Airport Food, Japan Style

Snack Rack, Narita Airport.

Do you see those little silver dried fishes amo
ng the peanuts on the front of the Kasugai Peanut & You bag on the left? =o)) And Chee-za! That seems to be a phonetic spelling to me. I love that they put the percentage of cheese on the front.

Took this picture of the menu on the table for two reasons: the left, center bowl of udon with "edible wild plant" and the lower right item, which looks sort of like a Japanese version of corn dogs fashioned from sticky rice and bacon!

No, I did not try any of the above. I had a coffee latte and stroop waffle (Dutch cookie with carmel syrup holding together the thin waffle sides, which I know from my time in Amsterdam).

Well, it was the international terminal, evidenced also by the presence of Ritz peanut butter bits.