Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Airport Food, Japan Style

Snack Rack, Narita Airport.

Do you see those little silver dried fishes amo
ng the peanuts on the front of the Kasugai Peanut & You bag on the left? =o)) And Chee-za! That seems to be a phonetic spelling to me. I love that they put the percentage of cheese on the front.

Took this picture of the menu on the table for two reasons: the left, center bowl of udon with "edible wild plant" and the lower right item, which looks sort of like a Japanese version of corn dogs fashioned from sticky rice and bacon!

No, I did not try any of the above. I had a coffee latte and stroop waffle (Dutch cookie with carmel syrup holding together the thin waffle sides, which I know from my time in Amsterdam).

Well, it was the international terminal, evidenced also by the presence of Ritz peanut butter bits.


  1. TWO happy landings in one journey! Delighted to have news of the other side. Keep it coming! Enjoyed the photo tour: bridge light, "nose view" landing, snack array, suspicious soups. I'm thinking of you. Gail

  2. Thanks for posting Nan. It helps to see the other side of the world where our brother is instead of leaving everything to the imagination. Love you! Be safe and have a wonderful time. Give our brother a hug from me, will you?