Saturday, April 23, 2011

Un Bouquet Extravagante

I love peonies ( les pivoines, say pee-vhw-ons. I know, it's not easy.). I've tried to get them to grow in my garden back home, with no success thus far. They always have great varieties in the market in France in the Spring. These don't have any scent, but they started as intensely pink balled buds and watching them unfold has been très amusant.


  1. You do wondrous things with bouquets--the arrangements AND through the camera's eye.

  2. I love how you love Peonies! I've never been able to grow one, either. It seems as though it always is windy and rainy when they are supposed to be at their utmost glory. AND I see them, quite gorgeous, in other people's yards.

    Yes. My plan is to get by your place and photograph some of your babes. ((BEFORE you get here!))

    Love & Hugs!