Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Une Soirée de Pizza et Bière

The pizza man brings his oven in a van to the parking lot around the corner on Wednesday nights. Last week Peter and Anne came over from Durfort at 6 pm. We ordered up our pizza and ate it at one of the brasserie tables with a glass of their good Belgian Leffe beer. This is a ritual worth repeating.


  1. Oh yes, that does look and sound goooood! Only thing missing, from over here, is tasting! Love the beer in the wine glasses, and Peter's shawl. Aww, wishing your cute little face were in the photo, too ;-)

    I am off for coffee, then to Liz's for an evening w/Kai and Kaitlyn. Fun!

  2. Except for the contempo auto, I thought for a moment you'd photoed a painting by Renoir! But not sure he had pizza, per se.