Thursday, November 4, 2010

Les Feuilles Rougissent

Just so! here I was thinking I might have to force Google translate to give me an equivalent to "the leaves are reddening" and it translated "the leaves are turning red" to what basically means "the leaves are blushing/turning red in the face". Bon, non?
Rougissant baisers!


  1. Beauteous! Here, you drive by a green tree and on your return it has turned pure orange, or the green tree you park under at the bank is shimmering gold when you come back out. You look quickly, for it may be gone as fast as it came! It's a rapid fall, with lurches from frigid nights to sizzling days, and the trees have no more idea what to expect than do the people. It's a little like living in a fast forward film rather than a photo album.