Friday, February 25, 2011

Carnaval de Sorèze

I was up in the grenier writing and I kept hearing drumming. I had heard someone come to the front door of my neighbors not long before. I began to think, Maybe Elodie has started a drumming group? The drumming went on for half an hour, steady but not too loud. I continued working. Then there was a surge in sound and I went to the attic window and pushed the shutter open. There was a parade passing the end of my street, rue Ferlus. I ran down the stairs and out to the place in front of the brasserie to catch the students, teachers and assorted parents and grandparents of l'école primaire in their carnival celebration parading in a circuit through the town. I love this type of village ritual.


  1. yes!

    oh, I think that I'd have followed them to the end of the worlds.

  2. there is Camille, in Pirate, just beside Maeva ,Thanks !

  3. but one maman who is NOT following . . neither of course would I!!