Monday, February 21, 2011

French. Toast.

Which is actually called pain perdu (literally "lost bread") here in France. Made using Friday's market eggs and bio (organic) whole milk, yogurt natur from Marzac, the local goat/cow dairy, Boskop pear, The beurre (sweet with crystals of sea salt) and a drizzle of warm miel de tournesol (sunflower honey). My favorite, simple Sunday breakfast.


  1. Oh, N2. Unfair post!

    And soooo beauteeeeeeeefullll! Only thing missing is a pot of thick, strong French Press Coffee!!!

    Missing you today!

  2. Reality food photo looks real enough to take a bite. When I met pain perdu,it was the only thing they served at the Peace Corps Training Center in eastern Zaire, land of non-tropical crops like potatoes and other root veggies and things that liked the cooler, higher altitudes, such as apples and other crunching food. In getting lost, our pain perdu was stale white bread fried in grease. No egg ever came near it. Thus would begin the long hot day chanting useless phrases in French and learning the local languages by accident.